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- Industry applications -

Construction machinery

Engineering Machinery: The company's products are widely used in skid steer loaders,  road roller travel systems, paver conveying systems, and horizontal directional drilling push pull systems, with high torque, smooth operation, and high efficiency.


Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery: The product is mainly used in the travel system of large combined harvesters and sprayers, with high torque and stable performance, suitable for different agricultural working conditions.


Coal mining machinery

Coal mining machinery: The product is mainly used in monorail crane walking systems, scraper chain tightening devices, tunneling machine conveying and star wheel devices, with a simple structure, stable operation, and high efficiency.


Marine machinery

Marine machinery: The product is mainly used in anchor winches, towing mechanisms, intelligent cross transport vehicle walking mechanisms, etc., with stable performance, compact structure, and high pressure resistance.

-- About us

Ningbo Helm Tower Noda Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Helm Tower Noda Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Was establish in 2004,which is a professional designer, manufacturer, exporter, national High-Tech enterprise for hydraulic piston motors, , drum cutter and parts. Our company is located in Zhenhai, Ningbo. Covering area 20 acres of land, ,annual output value more than $12 million. 

In the spirit of "focus, professionalism, and innovation", Helm Tower has long been committed to the research and development of low-speed and high torque radial piston hydraulic motors. The company has a high-quality technical research and development team, consisting of dozens of senior engineers in the hydraulic industry......


Focusing on researching and mastering key hydraulic technologies. Forming a pyramid shaped product structure of high-performance hydraulic motors, hydraulic system components, and hydraulic drive machinery.

Widely used

The products are widely used in various fields such as ships, coal mining machinery, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, forest machinery, and road machinery.